50 years of tunes…

Another post, a series of posts in fact, inspired by Twitter and again related to LPGrp folks, @oneillpaudie specifically (who as it happens was also the recipient of the Secret Santa playlist in my last post), with the hashtag game #50yearsoftunes.

In recent weeks, Paudie and others have tweeted a list of a favourite album from each of the last fifty years – with a brief commentary for each and a selected song from it.  It is, as I have since discovered, a mammoth effort and a very interesting one on various levels.  In basic fanboy terms there are some delightfully painful decisions of one release over another for a given year while, working within the context of one’s own collection, there are interesting things that jump out – the period of time between one album and another, the period between release and the present day, changes and trends over time, pleasing/saddening recollection of past events and humbling acknowledgement of time passing in general.

Anyways…music, lists, an opportunity (or vain attempt) to impress one’s tastes and opinions upon friends and unwitting strangers – what’s not to like?  I would have a go too…

I started a little too enthusiastically and halfway through compilation realised I wasn’t doing it quite correctly – at least according to the hashtag rule – in choosing a year’s favourite track in the first instance rather than album, which it seems will give very different results at least for certain years.

The album thing also makes it an awful lot harder – I’m not sure if that should be the case, given the much smaller pool from which to choose, but it did.  As such, I have followed the core rule album-wise but am now going to take various liberties with the rest of the challenge.  Shortlisting was deliberately quick over a couple of hours (see comprehensive and scientific notes below), going with first thoughts to avoid going mental, but even then there are impossible decisions which I can’t make.  Rather than tweet an album (and constituent track) per year I am going to cover each decade over half a dozen blog posts or so and in many instances have to offer more than one album per year (sorry Paudie et al).

Can only be an entirely personal and subjective list by its nature but hopefully some of it of some interest to some folk…


Coming up…1965-1969…


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