discovered in 2013…

…a quick and dirty post, although there was a bit of thought went into it a little while ago…also far enough into the new year to (hopefully) duck everyone’s apathy as far as 2013 ‘top 10s’ and ‘best ofs’ go.

Anyways, there is a wonderful twitter account, @LPGrp (, which operates primarily as a monthly communal listening post for all manner of records old and new (and invariably very good).  I have not managed to engage at all well with many ‘listens’ (resolve to do better this year, guys) but jumped at the chance to join in with an LPGrp ‘secret santa mixtape’ exercise late last year.

The brief was to put together a mixtape for a randomly selected LPGrp member and send on anonymously – selecting songs one had discovered in 2013 (not necessarily those released in 2013).  This was a fun exercise, which I now share here for anyone interested, the ‘secret’ nature never having been all that strict (and my already having taken the opportunity to circulate as a Xmas mixtape for various friends too).  Accompanying notes those which I scribbled down and sent with the original CD, I’ll say no more…

Bear’s ‘discovered in 2013’: “starting noisy, progressively poppy, becoming wistful, finishing rustic…”

1.  ‘These are not the waves you’re looking for’ – 42 Ford Prefect
“Star Wars meets dirty surf guitar”

2.  ‘Blues for Blind Lemon’ – God Bows to Math
“Kiwi math-rock, discovered in-country”

3.  ‘Rat poison’ – Workin’ Man Noise Unit
“Does what it says on the tin”

4.  ‘Cheap beer’ – FIDLAR
“Fuck it dog, life’s a risk”

5.  ‘Dreams’ – Pet Cat
“Sonic Youth-infused loveliness”

6.  ‘On a breeze’ – Ghost Wave
“more Kiwi loveliness – keep an eye on these kids”

7.  ‘Witches hand’ – Popstrangers
“erm…more Kiwis! (that’s nearly it)”

8.  ‘(I don’t mean to) wonder’ – Black Hearted Brother
“Slowdive meets Coley Park – wonderful”

9.  ‘WWPRD’ – Jeffrey Lewis & the Rain
“what would they do indeed?  Jeffrey is a genius…”

10.  ‘Psychic Hearts’ – Thurston Moore
“from 1995, the oldest here, but discovered in Oct in person”

11.  ‘Endlessly’ – Toy
“the best young British band…coming good w/ album #2”

12.  ‘Sparkling sunbeam (Sonic Boom remix)’ – Yeti Lane
“a new band to me, love them, cracking remix too…”

13.  ‘Divebomber’ – Neil Finn
“one last Kiwi, or ‘the Kiwi’, even, with lovely leftfield noise”

14.  ‘The way young lovers do’ – Mick Harvey
“a lovely warm take on a much-covered classic”

15.  ‘Go’ – Flaming Lips & Sparklehorse
“beautifully, exquisitely, sad”

16.  ‘GMF’ – John Grant
“yes he is…”

17.  ‘Hey self defeater’ – Mark Mulcahy
“yes I am. a real find live this year”

18.  ‘Architect’ – Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra
“a Record Store Day special, and beautiful with it”

19.  ‘I killed a man who looks like you’ – Robert Pollard
“the most prolific genius going today”

20.  ‘Splitter’ – Calexico
“poppy Americana loveliness”

21.  ‘Love to love’ – Jonathan Wilson
“Laurel Canyon is alive and well…”

I should also confess to cheating slightly and sending an additional ‘bonus ep’ of:

“Songs just as good as the rest but did not fit in terms of either space or sequencing”

1.  ‘This ladder is ours’ – Joy Formidable
“strong return with second album from one of my favourite live bands of recent years”

2.  ‘Man’ – Neko Case
“I am the man in the fucking moon”

3.  ‘Summertime in my heart’ – Electric Soft Parade
“none more summer. fact.”

4.  ‘Rocky 99’ – Riding the Low
“Paddy Considine: so talented it’s not fair”

5.  ‘The way we move’ – Langhorne Slim
“stomping. just like his live shows”

6.  ‘Pay no mind’ – Hanni El Khatib
“infectious guitar pop.  I suspect a one-hit wonder”

7.  ‘History Eraser’ – Courtney Barnett
“more infectious guitar pop, though think she’ll make it…”

8.  ‘Do it anyway’ – Ben Folds Five
“the best music video ever.  probably.  look for it on youtube”

I don’t much care for Spotify I’m afraid so no playlists planned, but if you ask nicely I will send you a CD.  Otherwise seek out all of the above and see what you think…

Shout as well to my secret santa as well, whose mix was tremendous, and nearly all new to me.  Here’s to music and lovely folks.


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