here we go…

So then, here I am.  Yes – it has taken a while.  Happily competent with Facebook, getting there with Twitter, now to the blog…finally I have worked up the will to commit to the aether reflections and observations from my little corner of the world.  Observations and reflections of what I am not really sure, but let’s give it a go anyway.

I’m not entirely sure why either.  I write a great deal for work, much of which requires original thought, creativity and clarity but is generally what someone else wants to hear (or thinks they want to hear).  I hope that will be the difference here.

To be honest, there is some appeal in the virtual window through which I can impress my opinions upon others, although at the same time an element of modesty accepts this won’t reach much farther than those who are regularly on the receiving end of the same at home, in the pub, or at work (albeit often fuelled by alcohol, nicotine and stress).  Maybe then it is more a means of personal reflection which will with luck be of occasional interest to both friends and the odd stranger.

There is also the fascination, maybe envy even, of those friends, acquaintances and the odd hero already writing – all of whom appear so at ease with presenting to the world soundbites of interest, intrigue, and humour.  Admittedly at least one of those friends is an author anyway, and a number of others are trying to get there, but all of them achieve to some degree the role of storyteller, scribe or commentator…and do it very well.  To all of those people, and indeed everyone else, I hope you find some of what I have to say worthwhile and welcome your thoughts.

Anyway, enough, there has also in the last day or so been a real-life spark to this burst of virtual enthusiasm.  More than any of the above, I feel I have something to say.  More on that shortly…


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